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MCS Mobility Development Edition
MCS Mobility Development Edition delivers an SDK and comprehensive testing framework that can be embedded into mobile devices and network applications for testing, analyzing and reporting connectivity problems.

•  White labeling designed for development of OEM custom branded connection testing solutions
•  Seamless Integration seamlessly integrates to the MCS test framework
•  Wired or Wireless Platform Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux
•  Quick time to market comprehensive API for fast application development
•  Quality testing Integrates to the MCS AccessCM quality testing server
•  Automated Testing
•  Highly Scalable
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With more and more customers complaining about their online experience, is network monitoring up to the job?
In the digital era, consumers have more choice than was ever imagined a little over a decade ago. The well-worn phrase, 'competition is only a click away', defines the sentiment that reinforces the expectation of both consumer and supplier alike.

Do 'Network Monitoring' solutions Help or Hinder the Online Customer Experience?
Considering the very large investments made by businesses and service providers in network monitoring solutions, why is poor service quality still the number one complaint from online customers?

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Gigabit Quality Assessment Testing
Description: AccessCT appliance measure connection performance Accurately measure connection throughput and quality up to 1 Gbps with AccessCXM and CXT!

The MyConnection Server and Access Series technology provide a comprehensive solution to test and resolve problems that impact mainstream applications such as the browser, downloads or VoIP. The combined solution delivers detailed results for problem resolution, network planning and overall monitoring on an enterprise scale.

The new AccessCXM and AccessCXT micro appliances extend the quality testing platform with support for accurate measurement of high bandwidth fiber connections up to 1 Gbps. See Press Release

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